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Ernest Hemingway’s Great Granddaughter Makes Film Debut in Hardcore NC-17 “Starlet”

starlet poster

SXSW 2012 marked the starring screen debut of model-turned-actress Dree Hemingway – daughter of Mariel, great-granddaughter of Ernest, and at 24, a veteran of the fashion world — as an airy Los Angeleno named Jane who befriends a cranky senior citizen (85-year-old newcomer Besedka Johnson) in Sean Baker’s Starlet, a surprisingly sweet tale comprised of a series of moving, naturalistic episodes … and one infamous hardcore sex scene. But as much as Starlet is a fantastically observed introduction to Hemingway, who possesses Evan Rachel Wood’s preternatural poise and Daryl Hannah’s leggy looks, sitting down with her in Austin – and indulging in a post-interview round of karaoke together — offered greater insights into one of the more talked-about but hard-to-talk-about films of the fest.

For starters: Starlet’s hardcore sex scene (shot with professionals) to its likely NC-17 rating to the tricky task of discussing it without divulging too much, Hemingway and director Baker (Prince of Broadway) have tangled with a number of challenges on the road to getting their film, which also stars Stella Maeve and James Ransone, out into the world.

That said, Starlet is a film whose secrets are minor but impactful in the grand scheme of things, at least in how they inform their two central characters. Hemingway’s Jane is a twenty-something L.A. transplant who lounges around in short shorts with her toy Chihuahua, Starlet, and her pothead roommates in the San Fernando Valley. Besedka’s Sadie is a grumpy old lady trying to shut the world out of her lonely, isolated existence. The two meet by chance when Jane buys a thermos from Sadie at a garage sale, then discovers thousands in cash hidden inside; she returns, worming her way into Sadie’s life as she struggles to come clean about the money, and the rest… well, the rest is best discovered on your own.